Le petit Journal - September 30th 2014

PORTRAIT OF CARIOCA - Laurence Guenoun photographer committed favelas

Her camera has crossed paths with hundreds of people around the world. But Laurence Guenoun is currently conducting the most personal project of his life: a documentary on the inhabitants of Jardim Gramacho, a former discharge of the wonderful city. From Paris to Rio, with offices in the photo, this expatriate Lepetitjournal.com met with so much to tell.

Laurence Guenoun” The government has done nothing for them, Jardim Gramacho is 30 minutes from here. They are out of sight, away from the heart . “ Just joined Laurence Guenoun she talks about her struggle: the lives of these people, 25 kilometers north of downtown Rio. Previously, they worked on the discharge, considered the largest open pit in South America. But in 2012, the municipality decided to close for environmental reasons and thus put an end to the work of ‘catadores’ present for 34 years on the mountains of waste, sort and sell what could be recycled.
— Florent ZULIAN